Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Favorites, vol. 44

1. flannel pajamas
They may not be sexy, but in the winter months, they are like a warm hug. A warm hug of cocoa. With marshmallows.

2. things that look like other things

This iPhone cover which masquerades as a cassette tape.

These bacon bandaids.

This mighty wallet, which looks exactly like an international airmail envelope. My cousin-in-law has this wallet and I swear I thought it was an envelope! So cool.

3. pintucks

4. classic picture books

5. cider

Especially J.K. Scrumpy's Hard Cider, which tastes like candy and can be enjoyed with slices at House Pizzeria.


Eliza Jane said...

I love flan. pjs too! And that iphone case is AWESOME.

some chick said...

I bought Joshua those bandages for Christmas!

chelsea said...

I think this is my favorite of the favorites yet! I adore flannel pajamas and cider, pintucks and most importantly picture books. My mum read me Madeline so many times that I memorized it. In my memorized "reading" I came across the word 'the' on the page where Madeline shows the girls her scar. That was the moment I connected the sound to the script.
I still have it memorized.

amy said...

Eliza Jane-- Yes! I think it'll be my next Modcloth purchase for sure.

Kristen-- We have them, too! I realized I had one on my finger at a PTA meeting when I got a few weird looks from some parents. ha!

Chelsea-- I have it memorized from childhood too! "She was not afraid of mice. She loved winter, snow and ice."

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