Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites, vol. 50

Wait a second. Volume 50? That's kind of nuts. And to think, I mainly started this little installation to help me post regularly. Which it has. To celebrate turning 50, I think I'ma fix my posts so that my images show up in Google Reader. I tried to fix it once before, but I'm not that tech-savvy. OK, tech-savvy is relative. I'm probably tech-savvy compared to most senior citizens. Not compared to most other early-thirties. Anyway, here's to pretty pictures in Google Reader! Happy Fiftieth, Friday Favorites!

1. boathouses

2. madras plaid

3. Just Dance 2 on wii
Because cardio should be fun. And because this game is so fun to play by yourself, with friends, or with your parents and extended family on New Year's Eve. Trust us on this one.

4. old-fashioned swimcaps

5. Frameworks posters by Moxy Creative


elisa said...

Happy 50th! Great collection =)

chelsea said...

What I wouldn't give now for those flower decal swimcaps that my grandmother used to force on my cousins and I when we went swimming in the lake as kids. And I don't even swim anymore! They seemed dorky then, but now they are oh so cool.

amy said...

Elisa-- Thanks! P.S. I LOVE the quote on your blog.

Chelsea-- Hahaha! I actually found an amazing old-fashioned swim cap on Ebay last year! I'm hoping to get my mister to take some badass underwater photos of me in it this year, if we can score this really cool underwater cammie he has his eye on... Will for sure post here, if I can make it all happen.

Anonymous said...

That house boat in England is BAD (as in good).

My boy has been trying to get me to move onto a sail boat but I think something like this might be a good compromise for us.

sartoriography said...

LOVE LOVE the glasses prints!!

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