Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday Favorites, vol. 51

1. wild flowers

2. cross timbers
By far the most beautiful cross timbers I've ever seen are in Germany. The ones in France aren't bad, either. As a certified Francophile, I normally think everything in France is superior, but not in this case. Germans have the French beat when it comes to beer, sausage, and cross timbers.

3. fabric napkins

4. floppy hats

5. lens flares


elisa said...

Great choices (and pictures)!

I can't get enough wildflowers. If I had a place with an acre - it would probably be all wildflowers and trees.

Never been to Germany but they probably do have France beat on the cross timbers.

Sara KG said...

I want a big floppy hat now. Time to go shopping!

chelsea said...

Yet another great batch.

Laurel said...

Now I want friench onion soup like nobody's business. I love that you posted a zillion gorgeous photos and that's what I got from it...sheesh.

amy said...

Elisa-- What a perfect idea for an acre of land! And you wouldn't even have to tend it much, it being wild and all! I'm so loving that idea...

Sara-- I actually have a big floppy sunhat, but I'm too shy to wear it anywhere other than the pool. This summer, it will totally get out, I swear!

Chelsea-- Thanks, dollface!

Laurel-- Yet another reason I know we're meant to be friends.

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