Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday Dose of Cuteness, vol. 25, a day late

Because penguins are cute. Baby penguins are ridiculously cute. And a baby penguin being tickled? That's so cute, it hurts.


Kayla said...

Um, this is amazing. A-Mazing.

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Austin Eavesdropper said...


First of all, that video almost made me weep it was so cute.

Secondly -- GIRL! I am so proud of you guys with the Paleo Diet, and the house-hunting! It sounds like you and Nathan are such a team, and both of these steps in your life are helping to further solidify that. Where in Austin did you guys find your place? We close ON TUESDAY. Omg.

And, word up about the reevaluating the things you don't need. Ross and I are giving up cable when we move. In fact, we're taking the TV out of the living room altogether! Not to say I won't get my Hulu on in the future ... but really, it's liberating to simplify your life.

That being said, we may seriously want to consider getting a drink together sometime.

amy said...

Kayla-- Kind of ridic, huh? :)

Tolly-- Thanks so much for the encouragement. Isn't it so weird yet liberating to feel like a grown-up??? Our hopefully-soon-to-be house is on the east side, in Windsor Park, just a bit north of East 51st. We definitely do need to grab a drink soon with our misters! I'll email you.

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