Saturday, September 25, 2004

It may be time to blog about Mean Kitty.

Yes, you read that correctly. Mean Kitty is a particularly ferocious feline who lives here in our complex. Abigail and I first encountered Mean Kitty (who I will now refer to as MK) one night as we walked along outside for a late night pee (Abigail, not me). As we rounded a corner of the building, we ran into MK head-on. Abigail let out a growl/yelp and MK let out a snarl/hiss. Normally in situations where the a cat doesn't want to make friends with Abigail, she will chase it (esp. if it runs), but clearly, she will be the animal in charge. Not so with MK.

As soon as we backed away from the surprise meeting, MK did not run away or hiss from a safe distance, oh no. MK crouched down and then pounced on Abigail as if they were going to fight. Abigail was stunned, and being on a leash, had a clear disadvantage. I was not happy at all with MK, and (while I would never normally hurt a cat) yelled at it, and fake-stomped near it to scare it. As we were walking back inside, MK was slinking along the side of the house for a second, rear attack.

We have seen MK around the complex at least three times since then, and the only way we can get MK to go away and not attempt to pounce on Abigail and tear her to shreads in to run at a full-speed toward her without slowing down. That buys us about 30-45 seconds of uninterrupted pee time. MK has a collar and tags, so this animal is cared for and might have a very loving home-life, even though it does display a rough exterior. I'm not sure what to do about MK, but would appreciate any advice you might be able to offer. Suffice it to say that even if MK did NOT have tags and was a stray, he/she would not make a suitable classroom pet.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking a spritz of water from a spray bottle might work. Dad was thinking more along the lines of a super soaker. ??? I don't know.

K said...

I agree with the super soaker. Only way to piss of a cat.

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