Friday, October 01, 2004

It was payday yesterday.

And I do mean PAY DAY.

Not the candy bar.

Not the movie.

What I am referring to is that for the first time in my five years of tireless, 10-to-12-hour-a-day, going-in-on-Saturdays, love-those-disfunctional-ADD-preteens, bending-over-backwards, biweekly-tutoring-and-Park-Project-muraling, learning-to-speak-other-languages-and-dialects phone calls home to parents whose numbers may or may not have been disconnected, I have been rewarded.

With not one, but two raises. One that I had coming to me as a yearly salary increase. (Or it may just be bribery to keep teachers in the classroom so they don't have to be replaced by starry-eyed, post-college meat who won't last until November.)

The second raise came as a city-wide pay increase for teachers in AISD.

Both of them feel so, SO good. Like a validation. Like something I should be proud of. Like maybe I wouldn't be embarrassed for people to know how much I make, and that I might be able to pick up a nice little something for myself not related to school.


shannon said...

good for you! you deserve it.

maybe this year before i head back across the pond i will be able to see your classroom and we can catch up over a good cup of coffee.

amy said...

Thank you! And yes, yes, yes I would love to meet up together sometime when you get a weekend off of your sugar scrub tour 2004. We're both busy, but is that any excuse?

Emily said...

Hey Amy! I'm glad to hear about your raise! That's awesome! Well, even though what you said about teaching is most definitely true (the "10-to-12-hour-a-day, phone-calls-home-to-parents" and all that jazz) I'm still up to it and can't wait 'til I graduate and go to college to become one! (Woohoo, elementary teachers rock! =)

Oh, and regards to the "I <3 Ben" thing: yes, I have joined weird, math-related cult.

(Just kidding! I'm just using cyber-space slang, which I hardly EVER do. That was the only way I could think to write it; by the way, today was our 1 year and a 1/2 anniversary! woohoo!) =) I'm very happy!..but I better stop writing, this comment is long and you have things to do! Love you!)


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