Thursday, June 15, 2006


1. I agreed to help out Amy Chapman w/ watering all her gorgeous plants while she and Derek are in Europe until August. I've enjoyed the work so far, and am happy to help them out.

2. I am on Day 11 of a 30 Day workout plan. I have been working out every single day (with the exception of one day a week), and I am drinking a ridiculous amount of water (easy) and TRYING to cut back on drinks with empty calories like soda, wine/mojitos, and coffee with sugar and cream (not so easy). I've been doing all different kinds of workout routines like yoga with weights, hiphop, ballet strength training, kickboxing, tai chi, you name it. I have reached the wonderful place where your muscles aren't in pain anymore, but are humming with energy. At the end of the 30 days, I may go another 30, we'll see. I will definitely be more motivated if I see some results. In the meantime, getting older sucks.

3. I have been avoiding working on my book for no good reason. I wrote today, and ideally, I'll work on it a little every day so that I really will be close to finished when summer is over.

4. If you haven't watched So You Think You Can Dance, you need to. I mean it.


e said...

upon your recommendation...i you think you can dance...and they did that "lil c" number...and i thought..."how freakin' cool is that...amy was right!" so there...i watched it...and i liked it...e

Candice said...

Hi Amy!

Wow, crazy, my roommate and I just signed up for hiphop and salsa dance lessons... the inspiration being that show. Salsa's way fun but I'm just not feeling the hiphop.

So, catching up on old blogs, I saw your post and, nice coincidence. Hope everything is going well for you and I am so excited about your book project!

Give me a call if you're ever in Seattle!

Candice McDougall

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