Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another two responses from agents today in the mail.

One said, "I'm sorry. I must pass." Which was at least handwritten. I appreciate that.

One said, "If you have not already secured representation, we would be pleased to consider your manuscript for possible representation." I am SO happy right now. I am grinning. I'm even breaking my diet to have a celebratory pale ale. Nathan made delicioso meatballs and both my dogs are healthy and happy. Did I mention that I'M happy for that matter?


e said...

oooo girl...i saw you representin'

Brad said...

grins all around here.

mebbe they'll be fightin' to represent you!

and - e, you'll perhaps remember this one - drag out the inimitable Tammy Faye singing, "Oooops! There comes a smile!" with our household slide show.

glad pups are all pips, and how fun to have a natey-nate meal. always extra wonderful.

wish i were there to give you a hug.



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