Sunday, April 08, 2007

Things are good.

Very, very good.

1. The dogs are better, and running around playing Growl Game like nothing ever happened.

2. I got another request for the first 20 pages of my manuscript, which I am sending out tomorrow. This request came from a long-established literary agency in New York, (which represented John Steinbeck!), and when I read the request letter, I started crying.

3. On Saturday, I have an interview for a teaching position at another school here in Austin, and if I land it, I will pretty much consider it my dream job. Other than writing full time. So I guess it would be my dream teaching job. I don't want to say anything else about where it is or anything, because I don't want to jinx myself. More on that later.

4. We bought a "Gazelle" on Craigslist about a week ago. You've seen the infomercials, I'm sure. It's that gliding workout machine with that crazy dude Tony Little, who says, "You can do iiiiiit!" We've used it every single day since we picked it up. I like it because it's fun. Nathan likes it because it doesn't strain his back. We both like it because we can workout inside. If you've ever spent a summer in Texas, you know that cardio outdoors is not for the weak of heart.

5. The infamous TAKS test is coming up not this week, but next, and I feel ready for it. Or rather, I feel my kids are ready for it.
After the test, it's a mad rush to summer, which is always a beautiful thing.


Emily said...

Ok, um..when I first read that you "bought a gazelle," I honestly wasn't sure where that miniparagraph was going! Maybe it's too late to be reading...

P.S. I updated! Aren't you proud?? :-)
I love you!

Brad said...


See, Amez, they are going to bid-fight over you!

Praying and trusting interview goes well. Weird to have the potential of two dreams coming true.

Meanwhile, Go Gazellers! True, Texas in summer is not for faint of heart, but need exercise so heart does not get faint.

Hugs - b

e said...

i have sooooo always wanted a gazelle...i've watched that infomercial at least 3 times all the way through...when robb and i come for a'll have to let me use it...

and guess what...we are getting new pool toys this we'll have to take a trip to see you all in the summer when the pools are warm and lovely...

congrats again on the book's getting ridiculous how much they all love and adore should definitely look yourself in the mirror every morning and night and smile and say..."i'm so totally adorable!"

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