Friday, February 01, 2008

I should probably blog.

It's been a while.
But all I'm doing at the moment is working six days a week,
trying to say "yes" to weight training and cardio and "no" to junk food,
going to bed before 10 on a regular basis because of allergies or exhaustion,
and trying to bring myself to face rewriting the end of my book.
So when you put all that together, it's not so much fun.
And not so much the stuff of great blogs.
I'm sure you understand.


Amy said...

Isn't it summer vacation for you? I can't believe you haven't bloggd since February.

Also, I'm sad you're not coming on the family cruise. It will not be as fun w/o you :)

amy said...

You're right. I need to blog. I promise I will soon! The very fact that you left a comment shows me that someone out in cyberspace still loves me on some level.
I wish I was going on the cruise too! The month of August is completely unforgivable for my work, but will you at least promise to say hi to a wild dolphin for me? Or a porpoise. I don't care which.

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