Sunday, June 01, 2008

Summer is here again.

For most people who live in Texas, that's not such a great thing.
For teachers who live in Texas (or anywhere else for that matter), it's a glorious thing.

This year's annual summer playlist is already concocted and ready to be shared. Let me know if you'd like a copy. Making summer mixtapes is one of my rituals, and I sort of wish it was a ritual for everyone, because how great would that be? And you guys all know that when I say mixtape, I really mean mixCD, right? It's just so much cooler and nostalgic to say mixtape. I think I still have some of favorite old mixtapes in a dusty box in the top of my closet. The one from my best friend, Amber, in 7th grade that was full of Suzanne Vega, Morrisey, and was my first introduction to Tori. The one from one of my high school boyfriends, Zach, that showcased early Oasis, Pavement, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and the first song on both sides was our song, Hold My Hand, by Hootie and the Blowfish. Which one of the mixtapes would you say was cooler? To find the answer, stay tuned until the end of this post.

I also have lost a total of 5 pounds on our new Abs-Diet-workout-5-days-a-week-alternating-cardio-and-weights-Diet/Intervention Plan. I pulled out three of my favorite old skirts that I can no longer wear appropriately in public as motivation. My goal is to be able to wear them on our trip to Marfa for our anniversary.

In other news, we start our ballroom dancing class on Thursday. I absolutely can't wait. We may get there and find the only other people in the class are our friends who we convinced to sign up, but that would still be great.

The answer is A, the coolest mixtape was the one from my best friend in 7th grade, Amber. Because even though it did have Primus, it also had the live version of Somebody by Depeche Mode, and that makes it infinitely cooler.


Amy Russell said...

Finally!!! A new blog!!! I can't believe it happened!! Congratulations on your 5 lbs... Nathan and I have a bet gong to see how can lose the most weight (or get to their target weight) first by cruise time, and i'm pretty sure he's going to win. He's like 15 lbs ahead of me. (Which means i've lost fact, I think i've only worked out like once since we made the bet). However, if my thyroid test comes back positive (in that i have a problem with it) i just might come back and kick his butt....but probably not. Anyway, glad you finally blogged again.

amy said...

I know, I know. It's long overdue. One of my summer goals is to post more frequently. Nathan tells me that if you write more often, people will begin to check your blog more often. Like that whole If-you-build-it-they-will-come thing in that mystic baseball movie from the '80s.

Amy Russell said...

well, just so you know, i check like once a week, even though you don't blog for 5 months at a time :)

amy said...

Hey... just had a thought. I wonder if anyone checks my blog and thinks that I'm talking to myself? Because I do actually talk to myself in real life, but not in the comments section of my blog. That would be waaaaaay too much work.

(In case anyone is wondering and doesn't already know, I have a sister-in-law named Amy. Not only is she really fabulous, she was the original Amy Russell.)

Amy Russell (the original) :) said...

It's funny when i go back and read your comments and picture them as a conversation with yourself.

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