Thursday, June 19, 2008

In case you haven't heard Nathan and me talking like little kids on Christmas lately, we finally got a Wii.

We've also gotten, shall I say, a tad carried away with creating Miis, which are the animated characters you can create, name and play with on all the games.
Then, last night we had the best time making our little Miis play baseball with each other.
Here is the breakout of teams:

Team Rosie:
Rosie (pitcher)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Kurt Cobain
Pootie (who is one fierce trollop)
John Goodman
Mia Michaels

Team Jesus:
Jesus (pitcher)
Mary Murphy

It was hysterical watching Tori catch fly-balls from Ellen, Jesus pitch to John Goodman, and Whoopie hit foul balls into the crowd.
Just picture it for a minute. So, so awesomely great.

Also, as soon as we get another nunchuk, we'll be able to box with two people, and then we can have a celebrity deathmatch between Rosie and Elizabeth. Stay tuned...
I'm putting my money on Rosie.

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Sarah Crisman said...

Ah, kindred spirits! This made me laugh, because last summer my friends and I named our Mii teams as follows:

1. Sarah
2. Bethany
3. Cody
4. Edgar Allan Poe
5. Hef
6. Holly
7. Bridget
8. Kendra
9. Posh
10. Kathy Griffin

good times.

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