Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Kardashians have moved into our laundry room.

No, not THOSE Kardashians. I'm talking about my new family of red wigglers, the tiny worms that are hard at work in my new vermicomposting bin.

Now, we'll be able to recycle all of our fruit and veggie scraps, as well as tea and coffee grounds, eggshells, egg cartons, stale bread, old copies of the Chronicle, tons of stuff. The Kardashians will change it from trash into the best plant food that you can find anywhere.
I learned all about vermicomposting, and lots of other cool stuff at a training I went to this week through the
Sustainable Food Center of Austin. We spent time helping at a local farm, built and planted some additional raised beds at our school garden, and learned about local programs that educate teachers, students, and parents to make the planet a nicer place.
And right now, our home is a nicer place thanks to the Kardashians!

C'mon, the only other families I could think of were the Rockefellers, the Clown-Arounds, the Munsters and the Jacksons.

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