Monday, August 10, 2009

HOW did these people get these amazing jobs?

Stacy London and Clinton Kelley, hilarious and talented stylists on
What Not to Wear.

Wes, the guy who started Hey Cupcake!,
a stand that sells scrumptious cupcakes out of an Airstream trailer here in Austin.

I would have said Steve Jobs, the amazing badass Apple
guy, but I've heard that even though he's inspirational, he's a little crazy.

But since Steve Jobs ALSO co-founded Pixar,
the most fantastic animation company of all time, he makes the cut, I guess.

Honorable Mention:

Martha Stewart,
who became famous for being the most spectacular
homemaker in America and therefore
makes more money than most people in America.

Also because she went to jail and came back even more spectacular than before.

Anyone I left off the list?

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