Sunday, August 30, 2009

In case you didn't know, I love dresses.

This doesn't sound like it should be a problem. But it is. Because most of the dresses I'm attracted to aren't that appropriate for work. Which kind of sucks. I mean, I always set out to find dresses that are both good for work and good for play, but it's not as easy as you might think. If I didn't work with preteens, it wouldn't be so hard. A middle school teacher who shows too much skin is as taboo as a nun who reads dirty paperbacks.

About a month and a half ago, I found this dress at, and I nearly went straight out to buy it. It had the perfect 1950s shape, with these bright brush-stroke colors.

Then I had second thoughts. I was trying to do better about spending money on clothes that would give me more mileage. Needless to say, I didn't get it.

But TODAY, when we went into Macy's, I was searching through the sales racks, and lo and behold, a light shone down from heaven, and there it was.
It was the only one.
It was just my size.
It was 50% off.
It was perfect.

(Well, I do need to get the straps tailored, because they're a little too big. Other than that, perfect. After tailoring, I'll post a picture of myself wearing it. Or who knows, maybe it'll be in one of Nathan's next photoshoots...)

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Macy's?


katydid972 said...

Love it! I have never had any luck finding clothes at Macy's, so next time I go I will have to take you along for good luck.

amy said...

Any time! The Macy's in the Domain is my favorite-- by far the best selection. One of the greatest things about Macy's is that when you take your stuff up to the register, nine times out of ten, the amount they tell you is LESS than you thought. It's like I want to quickly pay out and get out of there before they realize their mistake or something! :)

Melissa said...

dresses as my sister says are the fashionable way to wear something that is super comfortable.

I totally get the ms teacher dress code thing, that is way I have lots of jackets, blazers, and little sweaters to help convert things......

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