Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I might be addicted to fro-yo.

Tonight we met Kathryn and Rami for a cuppa fro-yo at Yogurt Planet, and honestly, I can't stop thinking it.... Aaarrrrggghhh. (Me impersonating a Homer Simpson drool here.) I have a serious problem. This stuff is so good and so guiltfree that I just can't get enough.

This picture is proof that Nathan hearts fro-yo.

This place is heaven.
(Not a great website, though. All you'll find here are their two locations.)

In my estimation, the best ways to beat the 2009 summer heatwave in Austin are:
1. Eat fro-yo from Yogurt Planet.
2. Hang out in the walk-in, refrigerated, beer cave at IGA, where you'll probably buy beer, which will be great until you see just how many calories are in it. Also, the beer cave is only so big, and doesn't have cell phone service.
3. Go swimming, which is quite fabulous... except when you have students whose family moved in next door and you're a little terrified of the awkwardness of them seeing you in your swimsuit.

SO, in the Celebrity Deathmatch of Best Way to Beat the Heat in Austin, fro-yo from Yogurt Planet wins by a landslide!

Would you like to say a few words to your constituents?

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Anonymous said...

Nom nom nom nom. Peanut butter yogurt is my new favorite.

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