Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All things Alice

On Sunday, Nathan and I saw Alice in Wonderland at the Alamo Drafthouse.
It was just what I'd hoped for-- full of whimsy and fun.

In honor of the newest version of this beloved story, here are some Alice-inspired thises and thats.

Why have a pocketwatch, when you could have a gorgeous pocketwatch necklace?

Or, if you don't want to wear an actual pocketwatch, you could always wear a scarf featuring one.

I love this unique glass teapot
and this more traditional ceramic teapot.

Presenting the cutest sugar dish and creamer ever.

And you must have a cup to drink that tea, after all.

I adore these vintage playing cards.

This green frock is by Catherine Malandrino, and so very Alice, I think. Must be the ruffles....
Here's the designer herself in (nearly the same) dress, but I must say I prefer the pintucks on the bodice on the other one.

Here's a Calvin Klein sleeveless shirt dress that's also very Alice, if she were to go to a garden party in 2010.

The original illustrations by John Tenniel show Alice in Mary Janes. These are a tad more grown-up.

I personally always pictured Alice in patent leather ballet flats like these.

Roses for the Red Queen.

We own this peppermill, which would be perfect for the cook and duchess whenever they want to make soup.

I wish we owned these white rabbit bookends.

And here's a classic chessboard.

Lastly, the cupcakes... ah, the cupcakes.


kollette said...

I love Alice! I have since I can remember. The pieces you posted are gorgeous. :)


amy said...

Thanks, sweetie! If you haven't already seen it, I'd love to go with you. Or, if you have already seen it, for that matter...

Rach said...

Thanks, Amy! My advertising company is redesigning our business cards, but we're still not decided on the look yet. Your husband's sounds beautiful!

Btw, awesome Alice inspired choices! I've always loved the trippy story, but have yet to see the new movie :)

Robyn said...

Those bookends are my favorites. They would definitely fit in in my apartment.... and the cupcakes are making my sweet tooth shout at me.

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