Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Faves...not, I repeat, not an original idea

I completely ripped this off, thanks to Robyn ala Twitch Vintage. For the record, I did let her know, and I really hope she doesn't mind.

1. Crayola pens

I have one in yellow that I bought here in town at Toy Joy and it cost about five bucks. Using it at work has been incredibly fun.

2. Lemon curd

If you've never experienced this deliciosity, please pardon the name and carry on. We make the Alton Brown recipe, and it's divine. Pour into small graham cracker tart shells, chill for several hours, and top with whipped cream. Or, top brioche. Or, eat with a spoon. Only you can decide what's right for you.

3. Red umbrellas.

We bought a classic red umbrella with wooden handle-- made by Totes at Target for twelve bucks! This one is a bit more, because it's automatic, I suppose?

4. Belts without tails

I've always disliked belts because they have that weird tail-flap that you never know what to do with. I'm sorry to be cheesy, but where have these belts been all my life?

5. Cruiser bicycles with coaster brakes-- because some of us still aren't comfortable with hand-brakes. Also because they're
vintage-inspired and oh-so cute.

OK, I know the last one isn't a real bike, but I couldn't resist.
P.S. My cute sister has the best cruiser bike, and as soon as I find out what the brand is, I'll post it here. Promise.
Happy weekend!

Update: My sister got her bike from Manhattan Cruisers. You can find their website here.


amy said...

Upon reflection, I see that a couple of my bicycle pictures feature hand-held brakes after all. Oh well. Pretend they're coaster brakes, m'kay?

Julie said...

Awww, I LOVE those bikes, too! I need one.

Tanvi said...

I am with you on the belts part!

Also adore the Red Umbrellas.

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