Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kidcasters: Because you know you need some cute Tuesday goodness

This morning I did something unusual. I turned on the news. Why, you ask? Because I knew that some of my favorite locals, the Casserole Queens were going to be on the tellie.

The Casserole Queens are just as fabulous as you might imagine. They make delicious potpies and casseroles and deliver them to your door wearing dresses from the 1950s. Add that to the Reasons We Love Austin list.

While I was waiting for the queens' segment, I got to see a ridiculously cute weather forecast by an eight-year-old boy named Malcolm, and I had to share. I dare you not to smile.

You guys! The Kidcaster segment happens every Tuesday morning. I may become a morning news watcher after all.


Kayla said...

I love that they wear 50's dresses. Truth be told I dream of finding excuses to wear them.


amy said...

@Kayla-- Totally! Dresses from the 50s have the most amazing silhouettes.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

So cute! I wish our weather man was this adorable! xoxo katie

Punctuation Mark said...

that kid is adorable... nice post too... have a nice rest of the week!

Aimee said...

so cute - yep i agree, love that 50s style.


amy said...

Thanks, ladies! I linked up the Kidcaster segment, so you can watch it even if you don't live in my fair city.

I have a few dresses that are very 1950s, but what I really need is a 50s-style apron. So cute!

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