Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm so American when it comes to junk food.

I love it-- no matter how much it gives me heartburn or a guilty conscience.
There's certainly no shortage of wonderful junk foods to choose from, but my new favorite is

Why, you ask?
Their burgers are old fashioned, juicy and delicious. They use really fresh ingredients.
They serve natural-cut shoestring french fries, hands-down the best french fry known to man.
Their prices are insanely cheap.
And take a gander just at the bottom of their menu board.

Yep. They have oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

As if all that isn't enough to win you over, check this out.

Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap? Is this heaven? Nope. It's P. Terry's.

What's your pleasure when it comes to junk food?

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