Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mommy, what is Fernando doing to that...shoe?

My hilarious aunt posted this video.

Don't you feel a little sad for the tortoise here? I mean for all we know, the little guy may be thinking this experience will lead to a meaningful relationship. But no. That gray Croc is not going to return his calls.

I thought this was a unique story of star-crossed accessory/reptile love, but no.
Youtube has video upon video of tortoise-on-shoe porn.

This raises some important questions...
If a turtle or tortoise approached your shoe, would you reject the little fella, or let him carry on with his amorous intentions? What if you were still wearing the shoe?
Funny, or just heartbreaking?
I guess it depends on if you're the videographer, the tortoise, or the shoe.


Kendi Lea said...

Oh my gosh. I felt dirty while watching this but I usually do when watching regular porn as well.

And by regular porn I mean the porn where people dress up in animal costumes and get it on.

some chick said...

the SQUEAKING!!! It's just so sad...

WV: hescacr - must be the sound the turtle squeak makes....

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