Thursday, July 15, 2010

Am I allowed to use the word "networking"?

Because that's totally what I did today. My new friend Grechen, who I met at a fashion brunch last Saturday invited me to join the ATX Ladies Who Lunch, and today we met at Mandola's for some delicious Italian food and fabulous company!

I had so much fun talking about all things blogging with these ladies (and OK, we did chat a bit about boys, etc.) I think the stars might have aligned because Sandhya said she's been thinking about starting an Austin street style blog as well-- which meeeaaans that with our powers combined, we'll come up with something that much more fantastic! Anyway, I'll definitely keep you updated.

Thanks to Sandhya for bringing her cammie (and thanks to a couple of ladies who were totally Anslee fans who helped take the photo)
(left to right)
Grechen of Grechen's Closet, Megan of SewSister, Michelle of Wicked Whimsy, Sandhya of Livin' Wide, moi, Diya of In Her Stilettos, Joanna of Keep Austin Stylish, Anslee of Savannah Red Designs.
It was also Joanna's birthday. Happy Birthday, sweetie! Hope it was fabulous!

Unfortunately, my afternoon wasn't quite as fun because (really long story short-- trust me, I tried the story out on Nathan and it didn't go over well), I had to case the neighborhood searching for our UPS guy and a very important package that I'd missed while I was at lunch, being all networky.

Follow that truck!


Maggie May said...

what a cool hook up.

livin wide said...

oh no! you missed it? which means you could have just stayed and gone shopping with me anyway.


The Original Swedish Blonde! said...

I hope you caught up with the UPS guy....I know it was important...and please forgive me but when I looked at the pic it made me laugh...I was thinking of you chasing it down. Again I am sorry for laughing. I hope things worked out. :)

amy said...

Haha! Yes, things worked out in the end, but I did flag down 2 different UPS guys before I found the right one.

Sandhya-- Next time we'll have to go shopping!

Diya said...

"thanks to a couple of ladies who were totally anslee fans" LOL! haha. yep, it's true they were totally in awe of her ;)

lol this is random but my word verification is "gangster"...?

Diya said...

..well, "gangsta"

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