Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Favorites, vol. 20

1. confetti

Bonus: Funfetti

2. these button brooches
which I think would look especially fab on a winter hat or to pin together a cozy scarf.
In the meantime, since it's the temperature of Hell's Kitchen (the Chef Ramsay show, not the NYC hood), these would look really cute to fancy up a tank top or adorn a belt.

3. grilled cheese sammies
I grew up in a home where we often ate grilled bologna sammies and Dinty Moore Beef Stew. While I haven't had either one of those in years, I still love me a good grilled cheese sammy. My personal favorite is with one slice of swiss, one slice of American. Extra points for bacon.

4. chaise lounges

5. record players

Did you have one of these great Fisher Price record players? I had this little plastic kind, but I hear they also made real record players.

Bonus: gramophones


visionquester said...

I'll take two of each of these things, please (save for the confetti; I'll need considerably more than two of each).

rachel said...

i adore those confetti photos :)

amy said...

@adrienne-- Coming right up!

@rachel-- Thanks, me too! That wedding cake literally makes me weak in the knees...

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