Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What to Wear: Wedding Photographers Edition

It's hard enough to find the right dress to wear to a wedding-- but what if you're shooting the wedding? This year in wedding photography has taught me a few things, friends.

The Do-Nots:
1. Do not wear white or a shade anywhere near it.
I knew this rule long before we started shooting weddings and it should seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many wedding guests ignore it.
2. Do not wear anything super sparkly or super shiny. You're celebrating, but you're also on the job.
3. Do not wear anything too short. You should be able to squat, lunge and bend to get those shots and no one wants to be flashed, especially at a wedding.
4. Do not wear anything too tight. You want to be able to move comfortably.
5. Do not wear super high-heels. They sink in the grass, get stuck in mud, and get jacked when they slip through those wooden slats on decks. They're also murder on the toes after eight hours, even with the best insoles.

The Do-s:
1. Wear a dress that has pockets. They're perfect for lens caps, etc.
2. Wear a dress that is made of a mid-weight material-- like jersey. Then you can shoot in a windstorm and not worry about having a Marilyn moment. (See #3 above.)
3. Wear a dress that's sleeveless. Avoid the strappy or strapless ones. They're too high maintenance. Plus, sleeveless dresses are excellent for covering up tattoos, if you happen to have any.
4. Wear a dress that breathes. Could be eight hours, baby.
5. Wear a print so you don't risk matching the color of the wedding, thus looking like a cast-off bridesmaid. (Even when we know the colors of the wedding ahead of time, this is still just a good idea.) Floral prints can look a tad casual and/or Laura Ashley, so go for a modern, geometric print. I like chevron stripes, polka dots, etc.

Finally, wear a dress that is machine-washable. Your dry-cleaning bill will thank you.

Here is my newest favorite dress to shoot weddings. It fits all my rules, AND it's even on sale right now. I wear it with a skinny black belt and patent leather, pointy flats.

Are there any rules you've learned when it comes to dressing for certain occasions?

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Diya said...

LOL at the cast-off bridesmaid thing...the same tips could really work for any wedding attendees, I think.

As for the ballerina project, by all means REBLOG! Something that amazing deserves to be shared!

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