Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Favorites, vol. 48

1. dance parties Whether spontaneous or planned, the very best cure for the blues.

2. clothing swaps Simultaneously score fab new things and purge your closet. Win win.

3. composition books

4. street style blogs Some of my faves include Urban Weeds, The Sartorialist, and Copenhagen Street Style, which is now closed...(sniffle).

All of these inspirational sites made me want to start my own street style blog to showcase the unique style I see every single day in Austin.

5. fashion shows

You may have detected a theme here. This weekend is the first, fabulous Texas Style Council Conference, dreamt up and organized by my dear friends Indiana and Grechen. Nathan and I are proud sponsors of the event! We'll have a photobooth at the dance party on Saturday Night at Bo Concept on 2nd Street. The party is from 7-11 and open to the public! ($5 at door) On Sunday, there will be some amazing panels (featuring our lovely and beyond talented friends Kendi! and Bryan!) and I plan to take along my trusty comp book to take notes on everything the speakers have to share. The weekend kicks off with a clothing swap tonight and concludes with a fashion show on Sunday night. I can't wait to meet new friends and take lots of great shots for the Texas Style Council AND for my street style blog.

P.S. Next week we'll be shooting some street style coverage for SXSW so be warned. If you look fab, we'll find you. Threat or promise? You decide.


Amy said...

Remember when we had the impromptu dance party in the Soul Cafe warehouse and the cops showed up cause they thought it was a rave and there was like 7 of us? Good times. :)

amy said...

Amy, yes! So funny! Wish you could be here for the dance party tomorrow night. I'm helping with the playlist! Ahhh, yeah.

Emily said...

Living room dance parties are the absolute best.

I'm all high tech now so the last time we did one it was via Xbox Kinect and it was more of a dance off but still amazing.

Janet R. Pedersen said...

I'm all innovative now so the last time we did one it was by means of Xbox Kinect and it was to a greater degree a move off yet at the same time astonishing.

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