Saturday, May 21, 2011

design top 10: throw pillows

I can't wait to share all the goodness that I've been working on for our new house. First up... throw pillows! We'll be picking three or so of these, along with a couple of solid color ones, most likely. Which ones do you like?

1. Buttons

2. Hello Sunshine

3. Mustard & white chevron stripe

4. Upcycled sail (with a #5)

5. Geometric leaves

6. Olive You

7. Light theory

8. Horizontal lines

9. Paint palate

10. Industrial design

Honorable mention (not pictured)
Comic book


Anna said...

if you like jellyfish, you HAAAAAAVE to go see the art at the renegade craft fair tomorrow at the palmer events center!!!!

livin wide said...

love them! this is one of my favorite parts too...all the different combos!

amy said...

Anna-- Sounds amazing! So sorry I missed it. How often do they have it?

Sandhya-- I'm so excited to see everything you put together, too! Can't wait for the future dinner parties I know we'll be hosting at our new houses! :)

Christi @ Rumination Avenue said...

They are all cute, but numbers 2, 7 and 8 are my favorites. Can't wait to see the after pics.

Your Host said...

love the 'olive you' but I don't know how it would look in a room. agreed that 7 & 8 are good. the texture of 9 looks pretty neat as well.

the runaway romantique said...

Oh wow those look so cute! I'm really into the Olive one or the Horizontal lines one. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

- the runaway

Sharon said...

I adore 3, 4, and 5 together. Love home decor!!

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