Monday, June 20, 2011

we maybe sort of live in a demolition zone

But the good news is that Nathan is pretty handy. Which is fantastic, because I'm no Mrs. Fix-it.

(pictured: not me.)

We've been in our new house for ten days. Nathan's dad and granddad were here for six days, helping us get the major projects underway. They left this morning, but have promised to return at some point down the road to see how everything comes together.

We love the layout of our house. We love the outside. But this statement pretty much sums up our feelings about everything inside:

Nathan was feeling somewhat discouraged about the number of projects we've set out to do but have not yet completed. So I made a list of everything we've done so far, to show that yes!, we've totally finished some big projects. And even though it seems like we cross off one thing and add two more, we couldn't be happier.

1. Installed doggy doors
2. Took out carpet in front rooms (living/office/dining/front hall)
3. Took out tile that was underneath it
4. Power sanded everything
5. Took out wood paneling
6. Took out wallpaper that was underneath it
7. Drywalled weird doorway that was underneath it
8. Took out woodburning stove and stove pipe from ceiling
9. Drywalled hole in ceiling
10. Drywalled weird passthrough between living and kitchen
11. Textured all drywall
12. Installed cool new mailbox
13. Painted ceiling in guest room
14. Painted walls in guest room
15. Replaced doorknobs and hardware
16. Installed new front door
17. Installed new window in front door
18. Installed new ceiling fan in guest room
19. Connected bookcases in guest room
20. Installed robe hook in hall bath

This list doesn't include approximately 47 trips to the Home Depot, where we literally know people by name. Sort of like Cheers. Only the Cheers we prefer is Nomad, a great little bar in our new hood. Yup, we like the place. Think we'll stay awhile.


Amy E Russell (sister) said...

Hopefully by the end of February/beginning of March you'll be ready for guests, cause me and Derek are planning on coming!!!

livin wide said...

Haha we are twins...I just tweeted a couple weeks ago about how they all know us as well. I'm so sick of that place! But yay for all the stuff that's done...we are hoping to be done next week...we'll see how that works out.

amy said...

Amy-- We can't wait to see you and we will for sure be ready by then. (My hope is that we're ready by the time my family gets here next weekend...)

Sandhya-- At least we're out of the daily trips to Home Depot-- I'm down to like one or two trips a week. Ha! Can't wait for your housewarming party!!! :) It's been too long!!!

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