Saturday, July 02, 2011

Friday Favorites, Vol. 58 (one day late)

Thanks to my friend Andrew, who gave me a kick in the pants for not blogging lately. I appreciate it. I really do.

1. pedicabs

2. cowhide rugs
Perhaps not that PC. Perhaps overdone by modern design. I don't care. I love the look of a cowhide rug and I think it's Texas chic on its very best day.

3. macaroons

4. puzzles
Anyone who knows me well will attest that I have no patience and therefore really suck at something like puzzles. However, I like the idea of puzzles. Especially with friends or family on a rainy day.

5. matching dogs


boomerang man said...

Thank you Amy.

amy said...

You're welcome, Andrew! P.S. We can't wait for you and the missus to come visit us in our new digs.

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