Monday, March 29, 2010

The Great White Skirt Project: before

a while back I bought this white pleated skirt. By "a while back," I mean seven years ago.
It came from the first Isaac Mizrahi line for Target, if I remember correctly. Now they have tons of amazing designers working with them (I mean, have you seen the stuff from Jean Paul Gaultier?).

I think I wore the white skirt once. Maybe twice.
It always felt like a cross between a private-school uniform and tennis set.
Here is said skirt:

I've been thinking a lot about dying it, although I've never done it before. I did watch this great little tutorial courtesy of Elizabeth Gleeson over at Emerging Thoughts that makes me feel less scared of using dye. In fact, it made me feel downright eager to try it.

As of now, I'm leaning toward red.

Or maybe green.

Or the perfect shade of pink.

Or maybe (and this is the farthest out for me) bright yellow.

If you've ever dyed clothes before, I'd greatly appreciate any advice you can offer.
Also, (and perhaps even more important) what color would you dye this white skirt if it were yours?


Marta said...

Having never dyed anything other than hair, can'[t help you there. But as for color...

Where do you want to wear the skirt and what shoes do you want to wear with it? Also, what colors are now in your closet?

I'd have to answer these questions before I decided (unless I had my heart set already).

amy said...

Marta-- I think I'll wear it for fun more than for work. I have a ton of different colors in my closet, but not as much red or green, which is why I'm leaning to one of those, I think. I'll probably pair mostly neutrals with it, and wear it as a statement piece.

Kendi Lea said...

I would go RED!!!

I've tried many times to over-dye things and it did not turn out well. But I think that since the skirt is white, you'll be fine. I used RIT dye and it seemed to work okay. Maybe a weekend project??

lisa said...

I really like the yellow one which for me too would be waay out of the box, but do it! {Any color you choose} Love the blog by the way!

amy said...

@Kendi-- Thanks for the tips on what kind of dye to use. Hopefully I get more dye on the skirt than myself.

@Lisa-- Thanks for the blog love. I keep changing my mind on the color to pick, and I wish I had a few of them to do several different colors. Anyway, I'll post it here after the DIY project, for sure!

Julie said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out! :) And just a sidenote, if I had a friend like Kendi, I'd take her advice. ;)

amy said...

@Julie-- I'll definitely post the After and I most definitely feel lucky to be friends with Kendi. :)

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