Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What would Dorothy Gale do?

If DG were to pick out some glammy new ruby slippers, do you think she'd go for these
Moda Spana Patent Platform Peep Toe Pumps
sale $49 (regular $79)


do you think she'd go for these
Christian Louboutin Metallic Patent Pumps?
regular $585

The real question boils down to this:
Is Dorothy Gale more TJ Maxx or more Saks?


Anonymous said...

My mind boggles at the idea of spending $600 on shoes. BOGGLES.

I definitely think Dorothy is a thrifty kind of gal. The only reason she wore those fancy sparkly shoes is because she found them all free and available on a dead lady who tried to steal her dog.

amy said...

My mind boggles at it, too. I'm a tad embarrassed to say that if I owned a pair of shoes that cost that much, I'd be scared to wear them out for fear of ruining them.
I think you're right on about Dorothy. I wish I could find a pair of sparkly shoes like she did.

Robyn said...

She lived on a farm in Kansas.... but who wouldn't choose louboutins when given the option?

amy said...

@Robyn-- If someone gave me a choice and I didn't have to save up, I'd probably go for the Louboutins, too. Only I bet they'd sit in my closet and I'd go stare at them from time to time instead of wearing them. (see earlier comment) Also, I always remembered the ruby slippers as flats, but apparently, they were pumps. Talking about it makes me want to watch the Wizard of Oz again...

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