Sunday, April 04, 2010

Poll #1 results are in

Which is the creepiest?
You said...
14% - People who make eye contact for too long.
19% - Beat-up white vans without windows on the sides.
23% - Possums. Even possum babies.
43% - Strangers who walk behind you too closely.
(I think I lost a percentage point in there, but I'd like to blame that on Blogger, not my own math.)

It's official. Strangers who walk behind you too closely are creepier than possums.  Even possum babies.

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The question for this week is: If you were to see Miley Cyrus in the mall, the most appropriate course of action would be to...


Robyn said...

haha... I like any poll that has a "punch Miley cyrus" option. I wish my 2010 census had that for a few questions.

Tahereh said...

hmm.. i don't know? i think i'd continue doing whatever i was doing before?

i never really got into the whole hannah montana thing.

maybe george clooney?


amy said...

@Robyn-- I think I need to round up some more votes for the "punch her" option, because right now "avoid her" is winning.

@Tahereh-- I'd have to make the options for George Clooney much more interesting...

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