Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Back in the saddle again.

I'm writing again, friends!
It's been a while, because to make a short story long, my novel and I had to take some time apart, but then we decided to be friends again, but it had been so long that things were really awkward. Everybody's been there, right? It got so bad that I would go to SCBWI meetings and worry that everyone could tell I didn't belong because I wasn't really writing.

So, thankfully, a writing friend told me about this little project that challenges you to write a short story every day in May. So I signed up and even convinced a couple other friends to join with me. We writers have to stick together!

So far, I've written three short stories: one YA, one MG and one picture book.
In case you noticed that today is the fourth not the third and you wondered, "What gives?" I decided to make weekends optional. Hey, I need to be realistic with my goals. Don't want to get saddle-sore, pardner.


some chick said...

I haven't written a story yet. I wrote this weekend, before I signed up (damn you!), but it wasn't a story.

My dad left to go back to Texas today, so I am hoping to stick to it from here on out.

I have writing group tonight. I got so versed in the novel, that I'm wondering if I can do this. Everything I've written since then have been fragments, scenes from longer pieces, and none are "finished."

It will be nice to finish things - and see where they go.

Anna said...

hooray for you!!! : )
i love motivating day by day challenges, especially with friends!


amy said...

Kristen-- I can't wait to see what fantastic stories you spin...

Anna-- thanks! That whole one-day-at-a-time philosophy totally applies to writing for me. Support of friends also really, really helps to keep me on track. I know that all the most successful writers say they write every single day, but it's such a solitary act that sometimes it's hard for me to stay disciplined.

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