Monday, May 03, 2010

Presenting the newest recipient of the Most-unusual, Most-delicious Chocolate Bar Award *

*according to Amy and Nathan's personal taste and opinion, multiple awards may be given annually, winners subject to change without notice

Just tried this spectacular chocolate yesterday, and all I can say is I'm in.

I typically gravitate to dark chocolate, not milk chocolate, but this bar is perfection. The salted peanuts really heighten the flavors of the creamy chocolate and the snappy jalapeno.

We're not ones to shy away from unusual chocolates, either. Mo's Bacon Bar by Vosgues Haute Chocolat may not be as delicious as Nathan's bacon ice cream, but it still finds its way into my grocery basket from time to time.

Also, the subtle lavender in New Tree's Tranquility bar is pure heaven.

Any unusual sweets or treats that you like to indulge in? Do tell.


kendal croix said...

i love everything from vosges!
but that lavender looks delicious.

Robyn said...

haha. I consider myself adventurous, so I would definitely try the jalapeno chocolate. I draw the line at bacon though. I just don't think I could do it.

Alejandra Ramos said...

Oh that lavender one looks lovely! I'd really like to try it. And I'm sure the jalapeno one is wonderful! I actually just whipped up a batch of Jalapeno ice cream last night. It's sublime!

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