Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"Art is what makes us human."

Yesterday we watched this incredible documentary called The Rape of Europa.

It's an amazing film about the rescue and return of thousands of great works of art stolen by the Nazis. This is a compelling story from World War II that I-- for one-- had never heard before.

Toward the end, a man in the film says,
“Art belongs to humanity. Without it we are savages – we fight, we eat, we sleep. Art is what makes us human.”
I thought about it, nodded to myself, looked over at Nathan, who was editing photos. He said, without looking up, "I believe that." Yes. I couldn't agree more.
Art. Beauty. Expression. That is what makes us human.

I could never choose my most favorite art piece, but I'll share some photos from one of my favorite art installations at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas.

100 untitled mill-aluminum works by Donald Judd. All of the boxes have the same exact dimensions on the outside, but as you get closer, you see that each one has a unique interior, (and I don't care if this is cheesy or not) but it makes me think of how everyone on Earth is different. This picture cannot capture the magnificence.

(Here you can see Nathan walking on the other side of one.)

What are your favorite art pieces?


marta said...

Hmm. Maybe I'd say that art is final piece that makes us human. Several things may make us human, but art clicks everything into place, and without it we are incomplete. Wish I could get other people to value art!

Favorite works of art? I'd love to go to Marfa and see the piece you have pictured. One of these days I'll get there! Well, in Austin, I love the pennies & bones piece in the Blanton. In Fort Worth I love the silver trees and the Robert Serra piece (the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art). And the films of William Kentridge. And then my mother's art of course.

Anna said...

history & art always mesmerize me. i also love movies/book which bring a different perspective to a situation we already think we know so much about. i must put that movie on my "to see" list!

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