Monday, June 07, 2010

I used to think that 5'5" was the perfect height.

It sounds good, right? Five five.
I'm 5'4".

But I discovered in the meantime that there are a lot of fabulous ladies who share my height.

Queen Elizabeth

Claudette Colbert

Sarah Jessica Parker (She's been my imaginary BFF for years.)

Mae West

Elizabeth Taylor

Ginger Rogers

You can find out who else sees the world from your point of view (quite literally) here and here.
You can also see a visual comparison of your height with others here. Fun!


Robyn said...

I was 5'5 (an a half) for 8 years. In the last year I graduated to 5.6 (and three quarters.) I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I liked my old height. I was used to my old height. Oh well. I'm sure I will shrink back down like my grandmother. :)

Anna said...

i love this-- I share my height with heidi klum! 5'9.5" : ) one of my fav's of course!!

oh, but sjp & i are def imaginary bff's as well, so i'm pretty sure that means we would def. be bff! : )

have a happy day!

amy said...

I remember reading that on your blog that you just randomly grew an inch! How funny! If that happened to me, I'd then be the height I'd always wanted to be...

boomerang man said...

Well thank goodness I'm the same height as Morgan Freeman, since we look alike in so many other ways.

marta said...

I've had a love/hate relationship with my height for most of my life. These days shopping for clothes is easier than it used to be (but not easy). In high school long sleeves were always too short. My jeans were always too short. I used to take my jeans out of the washer and try to stretch them out. Sigh. I couldn't find shoes big enough so wore shoes too small--and permanently damaged a couple toes.

And boys don't really like you if you're tall. Maybe if I also looked like a super model, it would've been different, but I learned quick that even tall guys often don't like tall girls. I've had them say it to my face, so I'm not guessing.

And when my husband (he's shorter than me--brave man!) and I went to have our engagement picture taken, the photographer asked my husband to stand on a box!

I'll stop ranting now, because I could go on and on. But I'd like to experience life from a petite point of view for a day.

Kendi Lea said...

i thought we were imaginary bffs?
oh wait we are real life bff's. phew.

I'm somewhere in between 5'9" and 5'awkward. Only me and Kristin Johnston are at this height.

amy said...

Marta-- Oh, I feel your pain. It's really a grass-is-greener thing (please forgive the cliche) to be short or tall. I have some equally horrific stories to share from growing up, but luckily all that can serve as really good fodder for our writing these days, huh? :)

Kendi-- So glad that we're real-life BFFs. I fear the day that I tell people, "No really-- she's really my friend, I swear!" and people are like, "umm hmm, that's what you said about SJP, too."

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