Wednesday, June 09, 2010

In a Paris Review interview, William Kennedy says...

Hemingway's line was that everything changes as it moves; and that that is what makes the movement that makes the story. Once you let a character speak or act you now know that he acts this way and no other. You dwell on why this is so and you move forward to the next page. This is my method. I'm not interested in formulating a plot to which characters are added like ribbons on a prize cow. The character is the key and when he does something which is new, something you didn't know about or expect, then the story percolates. If I knew, at the beginning, how the book was going to end, I would probably never finish.

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Amy's Mom said...

If I understood him right, John Irving said on television the other day that he always writes his last line first. He said some things change as he's writing, but the last line never changes, not even by a comma. Strange, huh?
Keep writing, Hon!

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