Tuesday, June 01, 2010

So sorry that I've been out the last few days, lovely friends.

But I have a really, really good excuse.
I helped Nathan second shoot this weekend in Iowa, and everything came off without a hitch*. I'd describe this feeling as a happiness hangover.

Going back to work tomorrow isn't even that bad, because it's the last day of school before summer break.

What are you up to this summer?

I intend to:
1. work on my writing

(This isn't me. My hair is shorter, I use my Macbook Pro instead of writing by hand, and in summer, I normally sit inside in the air conditioning at coffeeshops when I write. But cute dress, huh?)

2. work out every day**

3. turn off our cable***

4. take a photography class

5. go see old movies at the Paramount

*other than one small episode that included taking some detail shots inside a tent where the air was rather humid, causing the Nikon 17-55 lens to fog up, when time the groom's brother-in-law suggested (ever so brilliantly) that we put said fogged-up lens into a hot car to bake out the moisture. It totally worked, and he totally saved the day.

** or as often as I can (excluding sick days or days I'm too busy writing, a.k.a. writing more than four hours a day)

*** not to worry, because we already have our TV hooked up to our internet, which means we can keep up with most shows we care about and in the meantime, watch lots of great things on iTunes and Netflix Watch Instantly. Goodbye, Cable! No hard feelings.

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