Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Favourites

1. Hazelnut lattes
are my favorite fancy coffee drink since college. I used to take turns with vanilla, almond, hazelnut, etc., but no longer. Hazelnut is it for me.

2. gaps between front teeth

3. trains

4. Tarte cheek stain
I used to think that blush was for old ladies. Then one day I realized I wasn't really rocking the whole pale face look as much as impersonating a vampire. A little color isn't such a bad thing, and this cheek stain by Tarte is the best way to get that gorgeous flush.

5. belts over cardies

Allow me to introduce my gorgeous friend Kendi.

You may already follow her hilarious and fabulous style blog, Kendi Everyday. We've been friends with Kendi's husband, Bryan, for about ten years. They're also photographers, and Bryan is second-shooting a wedding with Nathan this weekend. Can't wait to see them, celebrate Bryan's birthday and catch up! (in that order)


Robyn said...

LOVE tart cheeks stain. I used to use my boyfriend's roommate's every time I used their bathroom. That's because I am cheap....

Also, I noticed that you and I were in the same Flashback friday post last week. Did you get a CRAZY amount of hits off of that or what? I was floored.

amy said...

Yes! It was really cool to be included in that. I'm just now on summer break from teaching, so I'm sort of braindead, and I wish I had some more clever ideas for blog posts to keep people coming back... oh well! :) Do you keep a little log of ideas for posts or do you just post them off the top of your head? I have an idea list, but it's kinda skimpy at the moment...

Kendi Lea said...

Shut the heck up! You called me out.

I happen to love a nice gap in front teeth as well. In fact, I love it so much I married him.

Thanks for the shout out. LY.

Bryan said...

I know this a few weeks past, but I honestly think that between the four of us... we could make a trip with all of these favorites. They serve coffee on trains.

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