Thursday, June 03, 2010

Two months late on news THIS big?

Girls, brace yourself. Anthro is launching a bridal line in the spring of 2011! It was announced two months ago, and apparently I missed the news. As a Anthro-card-carrying loyalist, I feel like I'm falling down on the job.

The not-yet named bridal line will feature heirloom wedding gowns (does that mean designer? vintage? Pardon me while I consult Google), bridesmaid dresses, accessories and gifts in the Anthro-style, sure to make every red-blooded American girl weak in the knees. Wedding gowns will retail between $750 - $5000. Don't let the price tag get you down, because I saved the best for last. In addition to a wedding site, Anthro will open a few bridal stores in select cities. Actual stores...

What will the gowns look like? That's the big question here.

This is purely conjecture, but I predict...

and maybe...

In addition to Anthro's signature dreamy boho-chic, maybe they'll even offer some more classically tailored dresses, like something worn by the gorgeous Jackie O.

OK. This summer, Nathan and I will celebrate our tenth anniversary(!), so I'm not in the market. But for all you girls who are, I hope that you find the absolute perfect dress. Maybe you'll even find it at Anthropologie!

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