Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Favorites, vol. 23

Even if summer vacation is over, summer is most definitely still here.

1. Arnold Palmers
Half lemonade, half iced tea. Fully delicious. I especially love the ones made with flavored teas, like raspberry or mango.

BONUS: We were recently introduced to Sweet Tea Vodka, which makes an excellent addition to any Arnold Palmer. (Thanks, Rami!) We love Austin-made Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, and here are enough recipes to get you through the rest of the summer.

2. Rectangular Swimming Pools
When I imagine our future vacation home, I picture a pool out back. It's rectangular.

3. Converse All-Stars
Before there were heels, there were Converse All-Stars. I still have my All-stars from college, and I think it's safe to say they've gone past the point of broken-in cool. They're completely falling apart, but I still love them. (BONUS: It's super fun to tell students at school that I have shoes that are older than they are.)

4. Adirondack chairs
I fully intend to have a couple of these classic beach chairs at the future vacation home I mentioned. On the porch, deck or poolside. They'll look fabulous anywhere.

5. Smocking

BONUS: Are you a seamstress or in-training to be one? Check out these instructions on American smocking and this honeycomb smocking tutorial.


Chelsea said...

Lovely blog! I just stumbled across it. I am now imagining myself wearing a smocked dress, sitting pool side in an adirondack chair, sipping some arnold palmer and dreaming about my favorite pair of chucks. They were auburn and I still have them, tucked away in my hope chest as they are completely unwearable.

amy said...

Thanks! I love that your chucks are in your hope chest. That's hilarious!
As old and falling apart as mine are, I can't bring myself to buy new ones. It'd be like cheating on my old faithfuls.

livin wide said...

love sweet tea vodka too! we always have a million bottles at home.

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