Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The remarkable case of Anthropologie versus thrift shops everywhere.

I think I may have been brainwashed. By the gorgeous fabulosity that is Anthropologie. How is that possible, you ask? I mean, Anthropologie is magical! Well, it's simple.

1. Anthro is indeed a magical place. So magical that you get price dysmorphia. You see something on sale for $99 and you're like, wait-- it's marked down from $250! That's a bargain! In a way, I'd actually be saving money. Right?

2. My friend Kathryn also pointed out that your life doesn't look like the front of the store. Meaning, you can also experience style dysmorphia. You might say to yourself, "Oooh, just what I need: a hunter green velvet dirdyl!" In that moment, you fully believe that Bavarian milkmaid is and always will be your personal style. Right?

3. When you buy a piece of clothing, you honestly don't know how that item will act long-term. (This is a universal truth not just pertaining to Anthro.) Will it wrinkle like crazy when you're sitting? Will it itch you within two hours of wearing? The dress you love in the serene light of the dressing room will stay exactly the same way it is now, right?

So I've experienced a revelation. I've gotten back to my roots. Thrift shops. Just because my style over the years has changed, that doesn't mean that I had to give up thrift shops. We have so many fabulous places to shop here in Austin! A few of my favorites:
1. Buffalo Exchange
2. Savers
3. My old standby: Goodwill
Get this-- there are 14 Goodwill locations in the Austin area!

There are some wonderful reasons to shop at thrift shops, including but not limited to:
1. You can find unique items at affordable prices.
2. You support charity.
3. It's like recycling (way better for the environment).
4. You don't have to worry about supporting designers who use overseas labor to produce clothing.
5. If you do need to have something tailored to fit perfectly, you can totally afford it because you may have only spent a few dollars on it in the first place.
6. The chances are far less that you'll show up somewhere with the exact same outfit as someone else (like an Anthro outfit. This has happened to me, by the way).
I mean, we're individuals, right? We can think for ourselves and put together our own outfits that are fabulous, right? Of course right!


livin wide said...

you were away?? why??

i don't think i shop pretty much anywhere else but thrifting these days!

amy said...

Sandhya-- OK, OK, I must confess. I drafted this post about three months ago. I've been back thrifting for a little while now.
I just ran across this post tonight and I'd forgotten all about it. So there you have it. Outed on blogger.

Texanthropology said...

DUDE, I have rediscovered thrifting just in the last week thanks to Halloween! While scouting various thrift shops around town for costume bits and bobs, I've found some awesome real-life clothing items that have made me super excited. This couldn't come at a better time because I am b- to the roke, BROKE right now but have still been dying to shop. So, yay!

Christi @ Rumination Avenue said...

You had me laughing at needing a Bavarian dress! Anthro totally hypnotizes you.

I've found a couple of cute things at Plato's closet, though they aren't local, they kind of are since they are a franchise...

Linda W said...

Portland is thrift central. There are so many thrift stores and everyone patronizes them. I think this thrift chic is what inspires Gretchen on Project Runway.

When are we going to see some of the things you buy at the thrift stores?

Anonymous said...

I love thrifting!! The Goodwills in west Austin and Savers north are my favorites. :)

amy said...

Becky-- We need to go thrifting sometime! :)

Christi-- I've heard of Plato's Closet. Totally need to look that one up!

Linda-- I almost never post self-styled photos because I'm much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. Once in a blue moon I'll post some self-styled photos. That's actually why I wanted to start The Style Co-Op, so I could share all the amazing styles I see around me.

Kathryn-- When do you want to go on another thrifting adventure? :)

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