Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Age before beauty

You guys, I started blogging in 2002. Eight years ago!
I'm not saying I didn't take months off at a time, but in blog years, this is the age of Pixiespace:

That said, I only recently changed my template,
updated the format so I could have followers,
and really got into trying to post every day.

So this is how old my blog feels:

I lied. It actually feels even younger.


This is literally the Benjamin Buttons Blog.

It stands to reason that (fingers crossed) blogging will be around forever. Or, you know, at least until the Olsen twins are this old:

Happy Blogging-- and remember:
Your blog is only as old as you feel.


NBeteck said...

love love loooove your message here! So positive! great pics too! =]

Anna said...

love it--& totally agree. such a brilliant post!

p.s. your comment about marriage made me smile so big. i'm glad there are still fans of it's beauty!
hugs to you!

p.p.s. actually, all of your comments make me smile!

Robyn said...

8 years? That's crazy talk. I have only been blogging for 4 months, and some days I don't know what to say. Way to keep it up. Your tenacity is inspiring.

D&D said...

okay. hilarious.
you are a senior citizen blogger? je ne pense pas!

You Are My Fave said...

Eight years?! You're definitely an early adopter. You knew blogs were cool before anyone else.

Leigh said...

Happy blogging to you and this was such an adorable post!!

Cristin said...

Hee, love it! Each blog, each phase of the internet, is a new adventure. When I started interneting, I was talking to other people on MAILING LISTS. God, that seems ancient. It's so interesting to watch how things evolve. I wonder where we'll all be in another eight years, when Blogger is some distant memory.

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