Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Favorites: odds & ends

1. hedges of rosemary

"Attached to the back of the house was an enclosed courtyard, and beyond that a bleached white stone swimming pool. There were three wells, there were established shade trees and slim green cypresses, hedges of rosemary, a giant almond tree. In the afternoon sun, with the wooden shutters half-closed like sleepy eyelids, it was irresistible."

excerpt from A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle
(the first time I read about and began to imagine hedges of rosemary. Since then, I've been lucky enough to see some in person. One day I'll have some of my own...)

2. espadrilles

3. the library

This is my actual library branch, you guys. Isn't it pretty? It's so amazing-- it feels like an airy, sunlit booktopia. Another fabulous thing about the Austin Public Library is that you can go online to reserve whatever book, CD, or movie you want, have it sent directly to the branch nearest you, and (get this!) they send you an email when it's available for pickup. Seriously! You can also get email reminders of when your materials are due, and if you need to recheck anything out, you can do that online. As I said, this place is heaven. Book heaven.

4. paper lanterns

5. lockets

Ever since the movie Annie, I've had a fondness for lockets. Isn't there something so sweet/nostalgic/romantic about carrying a tiny photo of your love inside a pretty piece of jewelry?

I've been eyeing these classic lockets by Carolina Bleu, a jeweler based in Bandera, Texas who sells at one of my favorite local shops, Parts and Labour.
I normally go for silver, but I really love the look of the copper ones...


Kendi Everyday said...

I love espadrilles. Don't they just make you think of summer?

amy said...

Kendi-- Yes! I need to pick up some as soon as possible. :)

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