Monday, April 26, 2010

I demand a recount.

Your votes said that out of tests, laundry, spreadsheets and beets,
spreadsheets were the most boring.

In fact, spreadsheets received a whopping two thirds of the votes, whereas beets only received one third.

My husband did point out that beet chips are delicious, but that's beside the point. Have you ever one time been entertained by a beet? Be honest.

Some people did comment that they hated tests and despised laundry, but I didn't count those votes, since they didn't vote on the actual poll. I know-- just call me the Enforcer.

New poll for this week (be sure to vote over on the right)
What should be the topic for the next week's poll?

What is the most annoying?
Which decade had the greatest design/fashion?
Which vacation spot is the best?
Who is the cutest?

Be sure to vote or this scary lady will hunt you down.
And by "Tuesday November 4," she means "at some point this week."

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