Monday, May 17, 2010

A typical weekend in the life of the Russells

We've fallen into the most wonderful weekend routine.

On Friday nights, we stay home and cook dinner or order in.
Make that: Nathan cooks or I order in.

We watch movies.

On Saturdays, we have a photoshoot.

Or two.

On Sundays, we sleep in, followed by brunch with friends.

Then, a Sunday afternoon nap.

The only drawback to this fabulous weekend routine is Monday morning.

Which is how I feel today.

To cheer up, I'd like to list my five favorite Sunday brunches:
1. East Side Cafe -- Blue Plate Special, a.k.a. a smoked salmon and shrimp cake/eggs benedict with a side of their homemade fries and fresh strawberries
2. Alamo Drafthouse -- Bacon Cheddar Scones and the Mimosa Duo
3. Blue Star Cafeteria -- Quiche Lorraine w/ a side of homefries or fruit
4. Santa Rita -- Spicy Jalapeno & Bacon Pancakes - I seriously would like to kiss the chef who created these.

and what we had yesterday:
5. El Chile -- Huevos Motuleños - Two eggs over black-bean purée on a corn tortilla, topped with
ranchero sauce, plus a side of tomatillo-roasted potatoes.

Mmmmm. Just thinking about all that weekend yumminess takes the edge off Monday a little bit.

Do you have a weekend routine? And more importantly, what's your favorite thing to do on the weekend?


boomerang man said...

Wow. Reading that sure makes me want to dump my kids on the side of a highway somewhere. What a lovely routine.

(Note - I'm just kidding about dumping the kids in case any CPS people read your blog)

amy said...

Haha! I know you're kidding! If we had kids of our own, I suspect our weekend routine might have some of the same activities and some very different ones. Like in place of sleeping in, there'd be getting up at five. Something like that? :)
But there'd be lots of other good stuff, too. Schnauzers are only so entertaining, you know.

some chick said...

I love Texas breakfasts.

WV: "habies"

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